Round Mehndi Designs for Hands 2015

Mehndi used to design tattoos and unique types of patterns like petals and peacock patterns. Young girls make henna drawings on their hands and skin. Henna is used as a glamour way. There is not a side effect of henna and it provides a marvelous design in flushed brown color on the skin, which attracts every man.

Mehndi Designs

These are few easy Mehndi designs in around and circular shape. These are for hands and for frontage side and backside of hands. These Mehndi styles are newest and help you to give some fresh ideas of Mehndi. These round-shaped Mehndi designs are simple to draw so free for newcomers. You can simply draw these easy Mehndi designs on hands. If you desire to do, some practices already picture these round designs on real hands so use some glass sheet for practice. I assume you like and apply these beautiful round shaped Mehndi designs for hands and feet. Now you can check out the latest and interesting pictures of round-shaped Mehndi designs.


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