Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls

August 14, 2017

Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls
Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls

Best Makeup Tips For Girls

Makeup is an indispensable art in modern life, for everyone especially women. There are many makeup tips all over the world have been given by experts, they are even published as books and magazines.
But you need to select which is general advice, which is suitable to yourself to consult appropriately and effectively.
Following are the 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls that we compiled and researched carefully, this would help you understand and apply correctly every day.


Use cream liner

Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls
Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls
If your skin is not smooth and always greasy or rough, best way is to use cream liner every time do makeup.
Apply a thin layer of cream liner after moisturizing with rose water will help to obscure your dark skin and dispel the wrinkles on your face. You will have the right soft and smooth skin that you desire.


Choose lighter background cream than your skin

Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls
Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls
If you do not have smooth skin, use appropriately cream will help you effectively. Our makeup tip is to choose brighter background cream than your true skin a little to make your face more radiant.
However, do not choose too bright colors if you don’t want to deviate with your neck.

Use liquid eyeliner

use liqued eyeliner
use liqued eyeliner
After the age of 40, your eyes could be lidded and have wrinkles. There is a small makeup tip but helpful to dispel temporal stamps that using subtle eyeliner.
Use liquid eyeliner or eyelashes wax to make a thin contour, pull up bevel angle as cat-eye styles. Supplement a little mascara to have brighter confident eyes.


Cover puffiness by emulsifiers

Eye emulsifier is not only a perfect choice for night jubilant party but also apply in makeup.
However, you should only use neutral and lightly color like silver or brown. The best makeup tip is to choose colors a little darker than your skin color and avoid flashy colors like green, purple or yellow.


For the stains scattered on neck

When drawing eyes, you can use a thin lining on the back of the eyes, or use a shadow below the eye.


To keep lip color for a long time and not faded

Use a lip pencil to draw lip liner. Then use a lipstick brush to dot and dab lipstick inside the lips. To adjust the lip color, place pieces of tissue paper on the top.
Put a piece of paper out and dot lipstick again one more time.


Recovering thin lip

Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls
Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls
If you have thin lips, and you don’t satisfy with it, when you draw your lips, let draw a little wider line outwards. Combined with lip gloss, you can make your lips sexier. However, do not be too greedy if you do not want to become a clown.


Exfoliate the lips

3 times/week, you should use children’s toothbrush (with soft hairs) to exfoliate lips. To increase effectiveness, you should use white sugar mix with coconut oil while brush to avoid lips’ hurt.
To hide and disguise flaws on the face, you can point a little concealed cream dot on concave scars, pitting or acne, then cover it by using a little blusher.


Bend eyelids by steel spoon

In case of not having special tools to clamps eyelids or fear of pain, you can use a spoon to make curved eyelashes.
Clamp the spoon to your eyelashes and bend it as your desire. Practice several times to get the curved lashes.


Mascara with comb

For a simple mascara, no clumping, use an eyelid comb replacing of conventional tools mascara.
After combing lashes, wait a few seconds and then blink to avoid of blurring down the lower eyelid. Clamp lashes and feel the difference.


In case of not blurring mascara on eyelashes

Wait about 2 minutes to dry lashes before opening your eyes. If it’s still blurred, wait till it dry and slough off, use a cotton stick wrapped cream background, roll in smudged areas. By that way you can retain the beauty of your eyes.


Fish is essential food

Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls
Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls
You should put fish on the menu list of your family. Fish contains high omega 3 fatty acids, good for health and skin. If you want to have smooth youthful skin, you should regularly eat salmon, tuna, mackerel or herring.
This is also a great food to reduce risk of heart disease and breast cancer.


Alcohol is the enemy of skin

Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls
Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls
Don’t drink alcohol too much. You should only drink a glass of red wine at weekend’s dinner. Drinking too much alcohol will make your skin dry and aging.

Right way of exercise

Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls
Top 10 Best Makeup Tips For Girls

Exercise is not necessarily good, to have a good body and healthy, you have to exercise properly. You should breathe deeply, drink about 0.5 to 1 liter of water before doing exercise from 30 to 60 minutes. Sip during the exercise.
To take advantage of time and increase the effect, you should enlist situations such as: instead of climbing stairs slowly, increase your steps for a minute.
While having call, during the time you think or discuss with your colleagues, you should stand up and walk around in the room. Just a simple thing like that, you can also burn more 61 calories an hour.

Here are some makeup tips but not everyone knows. Surely, this will help you a lot in improving your image with all people.

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